Fast Facts

    Cost: $100-$300/pp
    Season: Year Round
    Duration: 1 hr- All Day
    Location: Rivers or Private Ponds


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Over the years the need for fun and unique teambuilding and corporate group activities has skyrocketed. Leaders in today’s business have realized the benefits of bringing their staff together in a way that will help them succeed in and out of the office place. Fly Fishing has become their number one choice, and for good reason.

Just some of the many benefits of incorporating fly fishing into your work outing are…

The ability to strengthen and expand relationships with clients and colleagues while discovering something new together.

Outdoor experiences allow for the sense of relaxation and lessening of stress from the daily work environment.

Fly fishing, despite age, sex or physical ability, levels the playing field which leads to a more enjoyable experience as a whole.

It’s a fun, exciting, yet challenging alternative to your typical business outing.

Teambuilding options allow students to work as one, leading to a sense of camaraderie within the team.

Being challenged and learning the intricacies of new skill translates over well into all work environments.

Matt Heron Fly Fishing has hand selected their most popular options to bring you some of the most sought after group fly fishing options in the country. Some of the more well-liked options include…

Group Options: Cast N’ Catch, Sundowner, On the Water Clinics, Guide Trips

Teambuilding: This unique class is structured to bring the group together as whole, while also involving competition among different teams. Each team will designate a team leader, leaders will go over various casting methods with the help from an instructor, teams will then rotate through different casting stations (distance, accuracy, Etc.). Instructors will keep track of points using score cards assigned to each team. Teams may also have the opportunity to include various fishing events as well on the private, stocked ponds.

Please keep in mind that group options are tailored to your business, what you want to accomplish, and to fit your schedule! Any of the topics you see on above can be mixed and matched to accomplish the goals of your group.

Past clients include…

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GOOGLE testimonials…

The fly fishing activity at Squaw was great fun, and I actually learned how to fish this way! Can’t wait to actually try again in the future!
The instructors during the afternoon we remarkable!  Having only been fly fishing a few times in the past, I learned so much more and beat everyone with my 56′ cast!!
I was really impressed with the detailed attention our guides provided and was glad that we were given the chance to practice, practice, practice!
Great introductory class.  Better than I expected considering the class was only a few hours.
I had a great time! Caught three Rainbow Trout! The one that got away was a monster .
It was the first time that I held a fishing rod and the Instructors were beyond patient, very informative, and excellent Instructors.  They gave each one of us (which was a very large group) individual attention which I so appreciated.  They inspired me to continue to learn more about fly fishing & too perfect my technique.