Truckee River-Lake Tahoe area fly fishing report 4.19.15

It’s been a quite a while since our last report. We’ve had an amazingly busy spring on the river this year and the fishing has been outstanding with the best yet to come.

Colder nights and cooler days have kept water temps in check for most of the last week and our fish are responding to excellent bug activity. Flows coming out of Boca were finally reduced this week entering the Truckee. There are certainly pros and cons to that happening but that conversation is for another post. Either way, none of us were surprised.

There are still a few skwala stones around and you might want to try fishing their nymphs as an attractor. If you’re lucky enough to fish the Truckee on a cloudy/rainy/snowy day get ready for some beatis. Our blue wings have been out in full force on the crappy days and hit or miss the sunny ones. Most fish we’ve been getting into have been on sz. 18 nymphs and emergers. March browns are around as well so keep an eye out.

Although classic winter conditions have passed the fish are also still eating midges daily. Throw a combination of sz 18-22 larve and pupa and you should do well. Try trailing them behind something big under and indicator.

Boca is dumping a bunch of water into the Truckee and has given the water that classic ‘greenish’ tint to it. These flows can be ideal for streamers. Give it a try, it’s always worth a shot.

As booked as this spring has been, we’ve always got guide ready to get you on the water. Shoot us a call and fish one of the best seasons on the Truckee.


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ISE Sacramento Recap

I want to start by thanking everyone who joined us this year at the ISE show in Sacramento, especially those of you that attended our casting and Truckee River presentations. We had a great turn out at our booth all four days with Saturday being the busiest day, no surprise there.

For those of you that caught the presentations over the weekend, thank you for sticking around even though my voice was pretty much gone!


“Beginners Fly Casting- Faults and Fixes”

We met a ton of new clients for our 2015 season, some of whom have already fished with us since the show. We were able to catch up with old friends, and meet some new ones. Overall it was an extremely successful show for us and we’re looking forward to a great 2015!

A few days after the show, this email and pic dropped in my inbox…


Matt, I sat through your presentation at the ISE show on Saturday. Sunday I took your advice to the river. Best day I have had on the Truckee in the past year. Thanks again. -Kyle N.


“Truckee River- A Guides Perspective”

On the final day, I  was lucky enough to take home a Benjamin after taking top honors in the Best of the West Competition. Gas money money…


Lastly, this year’s show would not have been possible without help from some of our top guides and instructors. A big thanks to Stefan McLeod, Dan LeCount and Dave Lass for helping out while I was presenting, and crushing it while we were slammed. Thanks boys!

PS- Double thank you to Stefan for some killer pics!


Truckee River-Lake Tahoe Area Fly Fishing Report 1.17.15

The Truckee and Little Truckee have been in great shape since the first of the year. The last two weeks have been some of the best winter fly fishing we’ve ever experienced.

It does come at a price however; the Watermaster seems to be dumping quite a bit of water out of the local reservoirs.  Not totally sure why but we might as well fish while we can. Locally, we’re all doing the ‘snow-pack’ dance.

So far in ‘15 the normal winter bugs have been working. Most of the fish landed so far have been on Sz. 16-20 baetis, 20-22 midges and as of this week small winter stone nymphs.

The dry fly game has been inconsistent, but good when it does happen. All of our dry fly eats have been on baetis and midges on the same sizes above.

We’ve also been getting into fish with natural colored streamers down river. There is a bit of color and with the warmer temps the fish are responding.

Our guide staff has several openings over the next few weeks so we should have no problem getting you on the river. Remember, fishing is on fire right now and there are no crowds. Can’t beat it.


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Cheekie Bow

I’ve taken countless fish/fishing pictures over the years, more than I can even begin to count. Over the last few seasons I made a promise to myself to try and get a little bit better at it. We’ve all seen the ‘hero’ shots and as much as I can tell, they aren’t going away anytime soon. Not that the classic ‘grip and grin’ shots are bad, I just wanted to challenge myself to try something a little different. There will always be a place in the sport for showing off…we are fly fishers after all.

My goal was to get a little bit better camera and better editing software and capture more images of the totality of the sport…the bugs, gear, the fish, the landscapes. With that said every once in a while you get a shot that you remember, this is one of those shots for me. The cheek of this bow from last December will be etched in my memory forever.

My new goal, get a better camera, and better editing software. Will it ever end!!?? I hope not.

Loops in Lambeau

Truckee River Lake Tahoe Fly Fishing Blog

With the first blog post for the new website (and NFL playoff time), I figured I would think outside the box a bit. In the future you can expect to see fishing reports, fish pics, salt water destination info, maybe even some gear reviews. This isn’t one of those posts. I’ve been lucky over the years to travel to some pretty amazing places with a rod on my hand, and have also been lucky to catch few nice fish along the way.
This past season while on the road with the Fly Fishing Film Tour, I got to do something no fly fisher could have dreamt of.  The boys and I had the opportunity to be the first people ever to cast a fly rod on the historic Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin. During our private tour we learned the ins-and-outs of the stadium, and took as many pics as we could along the way.
There is no question that this will always be one of the most memorable things I’ve ever done with a fly rod in my hand…even if there were no tails involved.

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