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Things seem to be changing by the day out there.

Yesterday it became very apparent that some fish have officially moved into “summer water” on the Truckee River. We landed numerous fish in fast, pocket water fishing the slower edges. I was shocked at how fast it happened this year. Even with high, run-off conditions, there were almost no fish in that type of water a week ago.

So, at this point nearly the entire river is in play, slow, medium and fast water. That said, we haven’t caught any just yet in the fast bubbles or shallow riffles.

The last few days we’ve seen small, medium, and large ants (carpenters are back!), PMD nymphs, duns and spinners, same with baetis, some sz. 18 caddis and midges. There are a few small golden stones around, but not a lot. Still no drakes, it’s early.

Crayfish and attractor stones are good options for your point fly. Repeat this until fall!

If the water stays off color like it was this evening when I went to check, put eggs and worms back on the menu.

Flows, the freaking flows. Just when we thought it was starting to stabilize a bit for summer, they opened the gates in Tahoe City. We woke up with 300 more cfs (and rising) than we went to bed with. It shouldn’t change the temps (assuming most of it is coming off the top of Tahoe) and bugs much, but there is noticeably more water. About 30% more. That said, the bump in water is more noticeable above Boca than below.

Also, we had our first hopper eat of the season yesterday! I’m not saying grasshoppers are the way to go right now, but it did happen. We started fishing hopper-droppers a week or so ago and that was the first hit on top.

Anne with a good Truckee River bow this week!
A classic MF Feather rainbow

Middle Fork, Feather River- Our MF guides are continuing to put guests on fish each day and the fish are still chowing!

The main plan of attack has been dry/hopper droppers through most of the day, with some consistent dry fly action in the afternoon. Droppers include pheasant tails, caddis and various perdigons.

Ants, PMDs, Drakes, Caddis and terrestrials are all in play

Fish are moving into pocket water, so don’t leave that Euro rod at home.

Please start fishing with a thermometer up there. Water temps are slowly inching upwards with the low elevation and this early summer heat. Like all rivers, head home when the water hits 68 degrees.

Daily Classes- Our Cast N’ Catch class continues to be the most popular option right now. Fishing is really good and the average size in our pond is pretty damn big!

Truckee River Fly Fishing Report, June 6th, 2024
A lucky lady angler hooked into a good one!

Good luck if you head out there. It’s only going to get better and flows become more consistent.

Drop Lu and I a note if you’re looking to get on the calendar. It’d be a pleasure to show you around our backyard!

PS- Here’s an update for June 7th!


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