Truckee River – Lake Tahoe area fishing report. 3.3.2020

We actually got some weather this past week. Saturday and Sunday a storm rolled in and gave us 3-6 inhces of the white stuff in Truckee. It isn’t much but we’ll take it!

The water is still low and clear, temps are in the low 40s or so. Like past reports, very normal for this time of year.

The bug thing also hasn’t changed. We’re nymphing with baetis, midges, winter stones, eggs and skwalas.

Although we’re mostly fishing the bottom this time of year, don’t be afraid to fish midge pupa suspended mid day. We’re running into pods of fish suspended off the bottom when the mid day midge hatch pops.

Not much as far as dries go unfortunately.

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Good luck.


Truckee River- Lake Tahoe area Fishing Report 2.26.2020

As I keep posting fishing reports this winter, I really am sounding like a broken record.

That said, the Truckee continues to kick out fish although not much has changed from a flu standpoint.

The Truckee is low, clear and cold. No surprise there.

Fish are eating a mix of baetis, winter stones, eggs and midges, lots of midges. Might try a skwala attractor too, or dry if you’re lucky. Still a bit ealy for the big stones to pop.

Good luck out there!

Tricked this fatty w a midge.

Truckee River, Lake Tahoe Area Fly Fishing Report- Mid February 2020

If you’ve been following our weather patterns at all it should come as no surprise that not much has changed from our report earlier this winter.

We’ve had virtually no moisture in months in the area. Shocking considering we’re in on of the skiing meccas of North America. From a skiing standpoint the snow from November and early December are saving peoples vacations. It looks like our snow pack in somewhere around 55-65% depending on the area.

That said, our flows on the Truckee are only slightly lower than average for this time of year.

From here on out you could almost cut and paste my last report.

Flows are low and gin clear. The water is cold and fish are still holding on deeper, slower water and soft edges. If you’re fishing water faster than walking speed you’re not even in the game.

Stick with your normal winter bugs, baetis, midges, winter stones and eggs should do the trick. It’s mostly a nymphing game right now as you might imagine with consistent high pressure.

Be ready for soft eats and set everything. You will miss eats, I guarantee it.

I hope to see a few of you at the Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show this weekend. Swing by the booth and say hi!


Guide Dan LeCount making memories with one of our clients this week.
Guide Jordan Romney putting one of our guests on a stunner of a bow!

Belize Trip Report, February 2020

We’ve just returned from an amazing trip to Dangriga, Belize. Danriga is a short 15 min flight south of Belize City, just north of another famous fishing town, Placencia.

This time we had the pleasure of staying at Thatch Caye Resort, about a 25 min boat ride from the coast, on a private island nestled in the heart of Permit Alley. Guides were provided by Blue Horizon, one of the most well respected guide crews in the Caribbean.

Morning vibes w my guide Steve.

TC is a classic island getaway with all the amenities of your typical Belezian Resort, and then some. Our non fishing companions were treated to a laundry list of things to do such as diving, snorkeling, island hopping, jungle tours, lobster and conch hunting, kayaking and SUPs to name a few.

It was fun to get off the water each day and meet great folks from all over the world at the Star Fish Bar. The classic questions abound, “What’s a permit?” and “How do they taste?”

Starfish Bar, the best happy hour spot in Belize.

The accommodations were also some of the best we’ve experienced anywhere, ever.

My room for the week.

On to the fishing….

This was our 4th hosted trip to Belize over the years, and our second to southern Belize. Those in the know have dubbed this region “Permit Alley”, and for good reason.

The amount of permit in this area is astronomical. Just like our trip to Placencia a number of years ago, the guides are laser focused on putting you on tailing fish, in shallow water whenever possible.

Don’t get me wrong, you will see and cast at plenty of cruising fish throughout a week. But these guides have it in their DNA to find fish in shallow water, tails up.

Although there are bonefish in the area, opportunities are very limited. Some of my guests had a blast chasing them around every once in a while throughout the week.

One vacationer we met was lucky enough to get one his first time ever fly fishing!

Back to the permit.

Although I like to throw 8 wts at permit from time to time for a number of different reasons, a 9 is my go-to. We had incredible wind during our week so most boats had a 10 wt rigged too.

Steve, my guide with 14 years experience, had me throwing 9-10 ft, 16lb leaders with about 3-4 feet of 16lb tippet.

I had my normal assortment of every crab pattern under the sun. That said, nearly the entire time we were throwing sz 6 tan and olive Bauer crabs. Made famous by head guide, Lincoln Westby. A legendary guide among permit circles.

It’s safe to say I saw hundreds of permit in my six days. Although I didn’t keep track exactly, we were getting 5-15 shots a day. Each shot could have been anywhere from 1-10 casts each. Ten being the exception to the rule. We found one fish that I got a countless number of shots at over a few minute period.

I also had one “magic hour” were I didn’t stop casting at permit for what seemed like 45 minutes. I’d get 1-5 casts, walk to the next group and repeat. This seemingly neverending cycle was something I won’t soon forget.

I was lucky enough to add two more permit under my belt this trip, Jay from Dallas TX, with our group added another.

In permit fishing, size doesn’t matter!
Jay seals the deal!

My little one at a sz 4 tan Contraband crab, the big one at a sz 6 olive Bauer.

The bigger of the two was pretty special.

At lunch on day five, Steve picked a spot were we could eat and scan for fish so we left a rod at the ready. Ten minutes in he started yelling “fish, fish, fish!!”. I jumped up and chased a small group down the flat. My third cast did the trick. Once I was hooked up, I looked back to see Steve a few hundred yards away hooting and hollering. He was more excited than I was.

Steve may habe been more excited than me!
The “Lunch” fish.

An unforgettable moment that makes these trips so special.

A huge thanks to our crew that joined this year, Matt, Sarah, Jay and Anna.

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Barbless Podcast Network Announcement!

As 2020 gets underway, we could not be more excited to partner with the podcast team of Chad Alderson and Nick Hanna (@chadalderson & @norcalflyguy) with the Barbless Fly Fishing Podcast ( You could say that this collaboration started almost three years ago when the guys had me on as one of their first guests ever. Since then a great relationship has formed and I’m ready as ever to join the team and the newly formed Barbless Podcast Network (BPN). I’m lucky to also be joining fellow fly fishing buddies Conway & Michelle Bowman (@conwaybowman, @mishfish49, SoCal) and John McMillan (@rainforest_steel, PNW) as the newest hosts of the BPN team.

I’m currently a man of many hats, however my full time career is running Matt Heron Fly Fishing with my wife Lulana. MHFF is widely considered the primary Fly FIshing School and Outfitter for the Lake Tahoe and Truckee Region. We’re also fortunate enough to run a hosted travel program during the slow season, hosting our guests at some of the world’s finest international destinations and lodges.

That said, it’s truly an honor to be the Regional Director for Cast Hope. Cast Hope is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that brings kids and mentors together outdoors through the sport of fly fishing.

As the newest BPN host I plan on covering a little bit of everything in the fly fishing and outdoor recreation world. Our episodes will cover an array of topics, highlighting non profits, conservation topics, business tactics, fly fishing education with tips and tricks as well as our Behind the Brand series showcasing some of our favorite companies in the outdoor industry.
We look forward to being your go-to source for all things Truckee-Sierra related, on top of bringing you up to date information and stories from our network across the country!

Go to iTunes, Google Play or Spotify and search for Barbless. Our show is the one with the blue triangle that says, Truckee – Tahoe above it. Tap to subscribe from there, and please consider subscribing to the other Barbless Podcast Network pods as well!!

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Truckee River- Lake Tahoe area Fly Fishing Report: January 13th week.

As you might image for this time of year the river is low, clear and cold. Very typical for mid January. 

Almost all of our fish are being caught nymphing deeper, slower runs and soft edges. Stay away from any water that is faster than “walking pace” speed.

Although the browns have been hard to come by, the rainbows are out in full force and looking good as ever. 

Typical winter bugs have done the trick, baetis in 18-22, midges in 20-24, olive or brown soft hackles dead drifted, worms and even small streamers.

We’re finally getting a bit if weather this week so that might get things going as far as dries go. Keep an eye out for baetis, midges and maybe even some winter stones. Fingers crossed.

Also, we’ll be at the ISE show this week in Sacramento. You can find our booth along the casting pond. We’ll also be doing casting demos and Truckee River presentations each day.

Hope to see a few of you there!


4th Annual Cast Hope Pyramid Lake Tournament

Join Cast Hope for their annual Pyramid Lake Tournament this spring! For the 4th year in a row supporters of Cast Hope will gather at the iconic lake in search of a prehistoric 20+ pound Lahontan cutthroat!

This is by far the biggest fundraiser for the Reno/Tahoe region with 100% of the proceeds directly benefitting under served youth in the area.

As you can see below, last years tournament was off the charts for big fish!

Event Date: April 2-5, 2020
Location: Crosby’s Lodge & Pyramid Lake
Cost: $4,000 per team of two/$2,500 for singles
Included: Three nights lodging, two full days guided fishing, catered gourmet meals with drinks included. Door package includes a Simms backpack, Simms shirt, and SWAG. 
Not Included: Tribal fishing license, guide gratuity 

Also try your shot at our annual pool tournament with even more prizes to the winners!

Contact or 518-225-6587 for more details. 

November/December Truckee River Fly Fishing Report- 2019

Other than an exceptionally cold week about a month ago, we’ve had quite the Indian summer so far this fall in the Truckee area. 

From a fishing standpoint there are pros and cons to this weather pattern. 

Pros being the water on the Truckee is as clear as I’ve ever seen in November. I absolutely love to sight fish and this is prime time. We usually don’t see water this clear until mid winter. 

Finding flashing rainbows in slow riffles has never been eaiser. Most of the time they seem to be keying in on baetis and midges, with the occasional caddis in the mix.

Although there have been a few extraordinary exceptions to the the rule (see photo), the cons to this perfect weather everyday has kept the fall baetis to a minimum. 

It looks like this week we may finally have a bit of moisture headed our way. Make sure you have a good selection of size 16-20 baetis with you. There’s a really good chance we’ll see more fish on top this week than the last month combined.

On top of that, don’t forgot your streamer rod. Crappy weather and clouds can really turn on the streamer bite, especially with post spawn browns. 
I’m a big fan of smaller streamers in the 3-4 inch range in natural colors. Blacks, olives and browns area good starting point. 

Good luck out there this fall. It’s an amazing time to be on the Truckee! 

Shoot us a message here to book!

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