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November/December Truckee River Fly Fishing Report- 2019

Other than an exceptionally cold week about a month ago, we’ve had quite the Indian summer so far this fall in the Truckee area. 

From a fishing standpoint there are pros and cons to this weather pattern. 

Pros being the water on the Truckee is as clear as I’ve ever seen in November. I absolutely love to sight fish and this is prime time. We usually don’t see water this clear until mid winter. 

Finding flashing rainbows in slow riffles has never been eaiser. Most of the time they seem to be keying in on baetis and midges, with the occasional caddis in the mix.

Although there have been a few extraordinary exceptions to the the rule (see photo), the cons to this perfect weather everyday has kept the fall baetis to a minimum. 

It looks like this week we may finally have a bit of moisture headed our way. Make sure you have a good selection of size 16-20 baetis with you. There’s a really good chance we’ll see more fish on top this week than the last month combined.

On top of that, don’t forgot your streamer rod. Crappy weather and clouds can really turn on the streamer bite, especially with post spawn browns. 
I’m a big fan of smaller streamers in the 3-4 inch range in natural colors. Blacks, olives and browns area good starting point. 

Good luck out there this fall. It’s an amazing time to be on the Truckee! 

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