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Not surprisingly, this fall turned out to be as good, if not better than we all expected. A big thank you to all our that guests who have been fishing with us every day. Wow, has it been fun out there!

Water temps are dropping (mid to low 40s), and fish are slowly starting to transition from medium speed water to winter holding runs. Pretty soon, most fish will be in slow, deep water as winter temps are just around the corner.

All the classic fall/winter bugs are working out there. Our guides are getting fish on a mix of eggs, worms, baetis nymphs and dries (sz 18-22), midge larvae and pupa (sz 18-22). We’re also seeing some early winter stones (sz 16), some small caddis (sz 16) and few leftover October caddis (sz 12).

It’s also a great time of year to dead drift streamers under an indicator or strip them on cloudy/rainy/snowy days!

If you’re lucky enough to hit the right spot at the right time, there’s even some dry fly fishing to be had on the Truckee. The Little Truckee has been cranking out some amazing dry fly days, but the fish are picky as I’ve ever seen and will humble you in a hurry. But it’s still fun!

Our slowest month of the year is almost here, Thanksgiving-Christmas. The crowds are gone, the fish are eating, and I even have a few days open. Drop me a note and let’s get after it!

Brad with a stunner last week!


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