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A Lake Shasta Bass Tournament Was Won…With a Fly Rod!

Fly fishing and bass tournaments have historically been two things that are thought to be better kept apart. To many, the idea of having a fast-paced fishing tournament on jet boats combined with calm-tempered anglers who spend too much time practicing false-casting just doesn’t fit.

Well, let’s take a minute and forget that fly fishing stereotype, then look at Ryan Williams. Earlier this month, Williams and his partner Logan McDaniel participated in the Wild West Bass Trail tournament on Lake Shasta and won!

…With a fly rod.

FLW Fishing: RYAN WILLIAMS - Angler Profile
Williams boasting two tournament fish. Photo courtesy of

Although his partner fished conventional gear, Williams stuck it out for the entire tournament, and the team took home first place for heaviest bag and heaviest fish. “The fly rod legitimately contributed 50/50 to our bag”, Williams says in an interview.

Not only did he show it was possible to fly fish competitively in a bass tournament, but Williams proved fly fishing can be more effective than conventional tackle! Quite the accomplishment and successful merging of two different cultures, well done Ryan!

Ryan Rintala | Social Media @mattheronflyfishing


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