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A New Caliber of Trout Caught and Recorded at Pyramid Lake

Quinn Pauley was fly fishing at Pyramid Lake when he hooked into an entirely new size of cutthroat.

It was after his buddies had left, and he was alone, that he hooked the fish. Fifteen to twenty minutes later, his net was brimming with an estimated 30 pounds of Pilot Peak Cutthroat.

It was after sunset the fish was hooked, and it tested the angler’s abilities. At the net, the fish was measured against the measuring tape on his net handle, which marks from zero to thirty-five inches in length. This fish was large for this measurement, taping out to around four inches longer than the end of the net handle. A thirty-nine inch trout!

The last recorded thirty-nine inch fish turned out being a world record, weighing 41 pounds. That record still stands today.

It’s estimated by anglers that this recent 39 inch cutthroat weight around 30 pounds, which could make it the first Pilot Peak cutthroat in the 30 pound range since the species went “extinct” in 1938.

Quinn with potentially the biggest cutthroat since the species’ reintroduction to the Lake!

To read more about Quinn’s incredible fish, click here.

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