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American Rivers Presents “Guardians of the River”

If you’re in the salmon or fishing industry there’s a good chance you’ve heard about the Klamath River of Southern Oregon and Northern California.

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The klamath. Photo courtesy of American Rivers

There are many things that make the river special, from the salmon that inhabit it to the largest dam removal effort in history that is scheduled to take place in 2023. The river tells of a flawless example of coexistence between humans and salmon.

The Klamath used to be home to the 3rd greatest salmon run on the west coast. Now, tribal members and fishing guides struggle to find the once-abundant king salmon that inhabit the river.

American Rivers is an organization dedicated to defending rivers all over the U.S. For nearly fifty years, the group has worked to restore damaged rivers and protect threatened rivers so that the future of the river includes clean water.

The organization partnered with Swiftwater Films to release “Guardians of the River” a short film that focuses on the Yurok tribe of the Klamath and their communal efforts to help Klamath salmon, remove the four lower Klamath dams, and bring their people together through salmon.

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At only fourteen minutes long, the film is an excellent opportunity for those who are new to the Klamath history to learn more, and heartwarming and motivating for all in the fight to restore the Klamath. Watch the full film here.

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