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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report- Winter 18/19

As we look forward to the 2019 winter season, we can’t help but be a little excited. We’ve got several good water years under our belt since the drought and have had a pretty wet fall thus far. Not bad considering most of our water usually comes later in the season. 

On to the fishing. 

It’s been a pretty good start to the winter season so far. We’ve had really consistent flows,temps and the fish are definitely fattening up for the cold months ahead. 

Temps are around the mid 40s for the most part and almost all fish have started to stage in winter holding water. Remember, when it gets this cold think “low and slow”. Fish will be concentrated on the bottom, in slower water. Although they won’t move as far to eat this time of year, usually when you find one, they’ll have some buddies with them. 

Nothing special as far as flies go. Your normal winter selection will do the trick. We’re fishing a mix of bacon and eggs (worms and eggs), baetis 18-22, midges 18-24, although there are almost no crayfish around, rubberleggs and crays may not be a bad attractor. 

Unfortunately our dry fly fishing has been nothing special recently. We’re finding the occasional fish looking up eating baetis and midges, but for the most part we haven’t had any significant hatches since our last set of storms from Thanksgiving to early December. 

That said we have an excellent winter outlook over the next few months. The bugs will eventually hatch in decent numbers, fish will start eating on top and if you’re lucky you might just stick a Truckee giant!


Enjoy a few pics from the start of our winter season…


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