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Truckee River/Lake Tahoe Area Fly Fishing Report, 05.03.2021

Summer is creeping! A few of the past days have been in the mid-70s (in April too!), and the foreseeable future is warm and dry with average daytime temps fluctuating between the high 50s and high 60s. The Tahoe Basin seems to have received all the snow it’s going to get for the season, with a final storm delivering 3-6 inches a couple weeks ago.

Yet another stunner Truckee ‘bow. Photo by Matt Heron.

Flows on the Truckee are still pretty high, but down slightly from last month. The water is still clear, and as always the fish are still biting!


Tahoe City to Truckee: 397

Truckee to Boca: 592

Boca to Farad: 648

Farad to Stateline: 740

Our guides have been finding fish mostly on indicator nymphing rigs. Fish are in the slow to medium paced runs and as the weather warms up they’ll move more into the faster water. Skwalas are pretty much over and the net big bug is on the menu: March Browns! These popular mayflies are all over the place and currently a priority for our Truckee trout’s diet.

Stoneflies have been producing well recently, as well as worms and typical mayfly nymphs in sizes 14-18 (patterns like pheasant tails or copper johns produce well). With all the sunny weather, baetis hatches are few and far between. However, baetis nymphs have been producing! Caddis are also certainly on the menu. For March Brown’s, make sure you have some larger mayfly patterns in sizes 10-12 ready to go with you.

While most of our success is on indicator nymphing setups, the sightline nymphing is picking up as water temperatures start reaching the 50’s. Dry dropper rigs have also been getting some love as of late. Terrestrials are just around the corner, so keep a few bigger foam dries with you for those dry dropper rigs.

Our guides have been putting clients on some quality fish lately! Photo by Matt Heron.
Matt Heron photo.

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