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Florida Wildlife Commission Sides with the Permit!

A couple months ago, Western Dry Rocks was faced with the proposal of a four-month fishing closure to protect Permit, among other saltwater fish species that use the area to spawn. Though four months is a long time for a fishing area to be off limits, science supported the idea that it was necessary to ensure the health of fish populations.

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Save the Horny Fish: An Inside Look at BTT's Permit Initiative - Flylords  Mag
Western Dry Rocks permit. Photo courtesy of Flylords.

On February 26th, the discussion came to a close when the Florida Wildlife Commission voted to introduce a four-month annual fishing closure at Western Dry Rocks. This is a huge win for the Bonefish and Tarpon trust, and a promising sign for future permit of the South Keys.

Consider reading more about this epic news here. Check out more work that the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust for more saltwater fishing-related issues.

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