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Truckee River/Lake Tahoe Fly Fishing Report, 03.21.21

Is it runoff yet?! The Truckee has some higher flows than the average for the past couple months, but runoff is still a heavy topic this year. Considered to be some of the best fishing of the year, high water season still hasn’t happened due to lack of snow. While what we have may be melting, we simply don’t have enough to kick flows into overdrive as we usually do. While not what we are hoping for, we are working with what we’ve got!

Up close and personal. Photo by Ryan Rintala


Tahoe City to Truckee: 300

Truckee to Boca: 338

Boca to Farad: 510

Farad to Stateline: 556

While the winter season go-to patterns are still effective, bigger bugs have taken over some of the Truckee trout’s diet. Skwalas are out, and will only be seen more often for the next few weeks.

Whitefish need love too! While not our typical target quarry, these are always a fun bycatch. Photo by Ryan Rintala.

With the presence of Skwalas in the river and hatching on the surface, dry dropper patterns have been producing for our guides, as well as indicator nymphing techniques. Tightline or euro nymphing is still somewhat slow, but will continue to pick up as winter turns to spring and fish move into the faster water.

While out on the water, keep an eye and an ear out for large surface eats. If you hear it before you see it, chances are a skwalas just got crushed. With these big bugs out, find a rising fish and you’ll have the shot at some pretty incredible dry fly fishing.

Have some spots. Photo by Ryan Rintala.

Get out on the water and good luck!

Ryan Rintala | Social Media @mattheronflyfishing


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