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Top 10 Reasons to Book Your Summer Truckee Fly Fishing Trip Now!

As we near the start of our 10th summer in Tahoe, we felt inclined to give you all a generous heads up as to why you should start planning your summer now! After what was hopefully the worst drought we’ll ever experience in Nor Cal, we can at least for now take a deep breath around the Truckee region. This list should give a very realistic, and honest update of what we’re expecting on the north shore this season from a fishing perspective.

10. 2015-16′ Was an Amazing Winter Season.

winter lookout

This was by far one of the best winter seasons on the river in recent memory. It’s amazing what a little water can do, right? I can’t remember a time when we had good fishing in the winter, and it was bad in the summer. A sign of things to come…

9. Our ponds will be full!

perfect squaw tag

Although we’ve made it through the last few summers on our ponds, water conditions at the end each summer were less than ideal. With the snow pack still left above 7,000′, we should have plenty of water in Squaw well into late summer.

8. No Fish Kills on the Truckee!


When our beloved Truckee River re-opened last fall we didn’t know what to expect. Turns out, our fish did just fine. If we did loose any fish on the CA side, it was so insignificant we haven’t yet noticed from a guiding perspective. Here is chunky, clean bow from a recent trip.

7. Fishing Dries

green drake tag

As early summer approaches, that can only mean on thing…Green Drakes! No explanation needed.

6. Our Fish are Bigger, Stronger.

Nick brown tag

After last summers Hoot Owl river closer was lifted, not only did we realize that our fish survived, but many thrived. Many of the fish are looking bigger, and healthier than ever!

5. The Family that Fishes Together…

Truckee River Lake Tahoe Fly Fishing Kids 13

This one isn’t necessarily drought related, but it goes without saying. Year after year, our family options always seem to be at the top of our bookings. Did you know fishing is the number one activity to get kids involved in the outdoors? True story.

4. The Magic Hour

Truckee River Lake Tahoe Fly Fishing Kids 11

If you know the Truckee well, you know our mid-summer evening hatches can be off the charts! That said, if you’ve followed our closures the last few years, you know the Truckee hasn’t been open during summer evenings in almost three years. This will be the year to get back at it the last 45 min before dark! Caddis, stones, mays….reason enough.

3. Water is Flowing out of Lake Tahoe!

Tahoe trickle

Pic- April 11th 2016. It might not look like much, but water has only flowed out of the lake a few times the last three years. As we near summer, flows will increase substantially and current projections show flow out the lake through July. This is huge for our Truckee trout. With all the other tribs dumping water in, anything from Tahoe is icing on the cake. Photo- Mr. Truckee (Facebook)

2. The Truckee is Ripping!


Flows from Truckee to NV have been from 400-1200 Cfs. for nearly a month now and continue to rise on the warmer days. This is the kind of run off we’ve been waiting years for. The fish are absolutely loving life and fishing will only get better as we get closer to summer. The water will drop, the water temps will rise and the bugs and fish will respond. Life. Is. Good.

1. Bookings are Exceeding Projections!

dec and dad bow

(Insert cute kid pic for sentimental reaction to help pay for his college fund) On a serious note, our pre-season bookings are way ahead of schedule with all of our guides. We would highly recommend booking sooner than later to get first dibs on the class or guide trip option of your choice!

I would like to personally thank everyone who participated in the voluntary Hoot Owl closures the past few summers. Without your dedication to conserving and protecting our wild trout, there is a good chance this list could have had a whole different look to it.

-The team at Matt Heron Fly Fishing

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