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Truckee River/Lake Tahoe Area Fly Fishing Report, 01.16.21

Is winter gone already?! We sure hope not! This week, daytime temperatures are reaching into the mid 50s, with nights still in the low 20s or teens. Do your snow dances! The next chance for precipitation is forecasted to be after this week.

The end of a run-in with one of the locals. Photo courtesy of Matt Heron.

Flows: (cfs)

Tahoe City to Truckee: 74

Truckee to Boca: 117

Boca to Farad: 296

Farad to Stateline: 314

The California side of the Truckee is flowing at almost exactly the same rate as the past couple weeks, and until we get more snow we shouldn’t see major changes.

Water temps have been in the mid 40s, maybe reaching the low 50s in the afternoon. This is a bit warmer than the last month, so fish may be more willing to move for a fly. Still, it is winter fishing! Slow down and pick apart each run or hole that you fish. You never know which cast will reward you!

Matt and a client with a stunner cutbow! Photo courtesy of Ryan Rintala.

Our guides have been getting fish using indicator nymphing techniques, mostly on the typical winter flies including midges and baetis, though baetis hatches have slowed down considerably due to lack of cloudy weather. Midges have been productive in a variety of sizes, from 16 to 22. Stonefly patterns and streamers are also producing, so bigger flies are still on the menu!

Keep in mind that if your flies aren’t producing, it may be the tippet that’s the issue. Downsizing to 5x or 6x makes a big difference! Winter fishing also means that fish feed throughout the entire day. The “early bird gets the worm” mindset isn’t as accurate this time of year, as fish are consistently caught well into midday and the afternoon.

Another Truckee ‘bow. Photo by Matt Heron.

Conservation tip: Leave no trace and pick up your trash! If you don’t have a micro trash container (see here), dedicate a jacket or wader pocket for pieces of tippet or any waste you might create or find throughout the day. This will help keep trash out of the rivers and let us all enjoy the outdoors without being reminded of any litter issues.

Tight Lines!

Ryan Rintala | Social Media @mattheronflyfishing


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