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RepYourWater Becomes the First Carbon-Neutral Fly Fishing Apparel Company!

RepYourWater has been a leading business in the effort to give back to the outdoor places we enjoy so much, donating 3% of all profits directly to conservation efforts.

Rep Your Water Releases 2019 Sustainability Report and New, Affordable Sun  Shirts - Flylords Mag
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The Colorado-based brand just made another big step towards eco-friendliness with the the help of Emerger Strategies, a company that helps businesses achieve zero waste and carbon neutrality. RepYourWater is officially carbon-neutral for the year 2019!

How does this work? In simple terms, businesses can achieve carbon neutrality by calculating their carbon footprint, then purchasing carbon offsets, the amount determined by your carbon footprint.

Carbon offsets are usually projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Such projects could be forest restoration or landfill gas captures. Companies like Tentree have carbon offsets in the form of planting trees, where one can select the size of their household, family, or business then donate to plant a predetermined amount of trees.

After collaborating with Emerger Strategies to calculate an accurate carbon footprint, RepYourWater purchased carbon offsets to balance out their carbon usage for the year 2019. They have already achieved zero waste to landfill and are currently working on their 2020 sustainability report.

As the first carbon-neutral fly fishing apparel company, RepYourWater is leading the way in addressing the climate crisis! For the sake of our future and our fisheries, we need more companies to take action in the way that Garrison and Corinne of RepYourWater have. Well done!

Learn more about the brand’s path to carbon neutrality here.

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